Monday, April 14, 2008

Thing 23

One word for this program? Exhausting! I did Things 8-22 in 3 days. I don't recommend it. I knew nothing about Library 2.0 before this. I learned a lot. I'm not sure how much of it I will use again, but it was interesting.

Flickr was definitely my favorite. I had a lot of fun with the pictures. It was very frustrating in the beginning, but now I have the hang of copying them into my blog. I even taught my dad how to use it.

I was telling a friend about the program and he thought it sounded great. There is so much new technology out there and no easy way to learn about it. This was a great program in that everything was there for you in one place.

Will I do it again? After I have time to rest.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

thing 22

What Did I Learn Today?

I don't think that I will be able to give up on the new learning anytime soon. I am working on the Mn Voluntary Certification. I have been in the program for a year now. I probably have a years worth of work left to do. I have learned so many new skills.

I had very little library experience when I started working on the bookmobile 2 1/2 years ago. I had worked a few times as a substitute in the Eveleth-Gilbert school libraries, and really enjoyed the work. I was so happy when the bookmobile job came along.

I may not have homework to do everyday, but I'm sure that there will always be opportunities for learning.

Thing 21

I learned a lot from the Web Junction article on social networking. It had the best information that I have seen on how social networking can apply the all of us, and for once, not just the youth. Libraries are for all ages and so can social networking be. I loved the last two lines of the article. They say it all.
"The library is already a community space. Let's make the social web a new meeting room. We already interact in person. Let's begin interacting online".

I think that I could be sold on social networking after viewing some of the "grownup" sites on Gather and WebJunction. I love Bake Space and Open Source Food. I like to cook and am always on the internet looking for new recipes. I looked at Good Reads and also found that interesting. Aren't all of us interested in what others are reading?

Thing 20

I wish I could remember who wrote it, but another blog said that her "advisers" (her kids) told her how to do this Thing. My kids will not allow me to sign up for Facebook, the one that they use. They are so embarrassed that someone might see me.

I signed up for Myspace and found some friends.

I don't ever expect to use this. No time or desire. I'm sure I would have liked it when I was younger. I know that the kids have lots of fun with it. My kids enjoy using Facebook. A recent survey done at the University of MN states that of those parents surveyed, 92% of their kids use FaceBook or MySpace. 11% of the parents have a site.

I liked the Denver and Hennepin County Library MySpace pages. Lots of cool stuff for the kids. Links to fun and interesting things. I liked the list of the favorite books of the year. Since I do most of the buying for our collection, I like to see what others are reading.

Thing 19

I listened to podcasts about smoking shacks on MPR and one about a trip to Cairo on Lonely Planet Travelcast. I tried opening many other podcasts and their sites were all down. Story of my life! I finally found one that was very interesting called Coffee Break Spanish. No matter what I tried, I could not get the link to copy. I finally got it to copy to Google Reader, but the whole list of available podcasts on that page copied. The first one on the list was a sex talk. I deleted the whole thing.

This Thing almost inspired me to want to listen to more podcasts. I was very pleased to find the podcast called Coffee Break Spanish . I think that I would enjoy brushing up on my Spanish. After finding it, I read that someone else was listening to Coffee Break French.

Thing 18

This is my daughter's cheerleading squad at the University of Minnesota.

I could not find anything about "embeded" or "about this video" on YouTube. I had to sign up for YouTube, another thing that I don't want to signed up for. Once I was logged in, I could see it.

Thing 17

ELM Productivity Tool

Had trouble with setting up the search alert. I didn't think that there were good instructions. I went to the 23 Things on a stick news, but I thought that it just gave clues on how to do it. That was the first time that I heard of the newsletter. I think that it would have been helpful.

I had never used ELM before. I have obviously heard of it, but never had a need to try it. I had a hard time with this at first also. I could not open any of the articles. Thank heaven for college kids. My daughter told me that many of the articles can't be opened on the web sites. I was picking all of the wrong articles. After finding that out, I was able to find and open some.

I set up my pages on EBSCO and ProQuest. Not sure where I would ever use these. Why couldn't all of the assignments be as easy as the NetLibrary one?

ELM provides access to accurate information. Many people don't realize that not all of the information online is accurate. Students should be informed of this excellent source of information for research papers.